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Out of Sight

Seattle, Washington 2015

Invitational show curated by Greg Lundgren, mounted concurrently with the Seattle Art Fair.

View the Out of Sight website

Star Systems

Bridge Productions (LxWxH Gallery)

Seattle, Washington 2013

Solo show at Bridge Productions.

Read curator, Sharon Arnold's beautiful accompanying essay on their website:

Quis custodies ipsos custodes?

Listen to a track from the artist's accompanying album, Star Songs, played in the gallery during the run of the show:

Kepler 62

Hear the album on Julia Hensley's Soundcloud



Joe Bar

Seattle, Washington 2016

Using five months’ worth of hoarded trash, mostly from Trader Joe's, as raw material, the artist slowly covered the iconic green walls of Joe Bar Café in Seattle with a progressively accumulating, organic geometric installation. Curated by Ben Beres of Sutton Beres Culler.


Steele Gallery at Gage Academy

Seattle, Washington 2016

Curated by Julia Hensley. Participants were challenged to make monochromatic works in black, or grey, or white, supporting a theme of compromise between extremes. 

Read a short description of the accompanying artist's conversation with art philosopher and facilitator, John Boylan



University Heights Building

Seattle, Washington 2016

Using the entire first and second floors of the historic University Heights building in Seattle as a canvas, at times assisted by a team of her painting students, the artist painted, cut and taped thousands of pieces of paper in organic bursts of color emerging from the walls, wainscoting, fire hydrants, trash cans and water fountains. 

By considering the building as a unified, whole piece of art, the installation encouraged visitors to notice the old school in a new way.

Collage Paintings

Form Space Light Gallery

Seattle, Washington 2010

This show featured the artist's "collage painting" titled This Storied Heart, an organic wash of color interspersed with handpainted rectangles of paper, some of which sprayed off the heavy watercolor paper and onto the walls of the gallery in a boundary-defying installation.


Read curator and gallerist, John Parkinson's press release for the show.   



Paul Thiebaud Gallery

San Francisco, CA, 2007-2010 

A collection of the artist's abstract urban landscapes were shown in multiple group shows at the gallery in downtown San Francisco, as well as the San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles Art Fairs, alongside work by Wayne Thiebaud and other artists. 


Foster White Gallery

Seattle, WA 1999

A solo show of the artist's Diebenkorn-influenced urban landscapes and interiors.

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