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Julia Hensley is an artist born in Johannesburg, South Africa and living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She received her undergraduate painting degree from Boston University, where the legacies of Philip Guston, James Weeks, sculptor John Wilson and program founder, David Aronson influenced many. She currently devotes her studio practice to internal, personal development, with rare forays into public exhibition.


I like to make a mess, then find the structure, like feeling the walls of a cave in the dark. Inspiration is everywhere. Cactus blossoms. A gum wrapper caught in a tree. Basquiat in Boston. The Bayeux tapestry. Rocks. Reams of code. Grafitti on my walks, pristine or painted over, always in flux. Cliff walls.  Carbon molecules. A Rothko I saw in San Francisco. Lately, space is my jam - 2D, 3D, inner and outer. Whether working completely abstractly or from the seen world, it's all about the architectureI work in any medium that comes to hand, lately favoring the least water-intensive. Believe it or not I'm a colorist, though I could explore black and white for a lifetime. 

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