Art Heroes Radio

"I first met Julia on twitter last year and was tremendously impressed with both her art and her ability to write about art and ideas on her blog. Julia has a depth of education that informs her work and a passion for sharing that knowledge both through teaching classes and writing online.

At the end of last year, I noticed that Julia's studio sale seemed to be going remarkably well as she tweeted about work that was selling. When I asked her about it recently, she told me that she had sold quite a lot of paintings, more than often sell in a gallery show. And she had done even better the year before when the economy was having it's darkest hour. We'll discuss her strategies for successful self-produced shows, how teaching art can be an unexpected avenue for sales of art, and how to run an art school as an independent artist."

- John T. Unger


John T. Unger has a new, online radio show called Art Heroes Radio. Sometimes it's a call-in show and sometimes he interviews someone. Sometimes he simply talks to his listeners. The topics are thoughtfully chosen and relevant to artists and entrepreneurs - such as the science of creativity, distractions that come disguised as opportunity, and how to build a website that works. 

John will be interviewing me Thursday, April 22 at 6pm Pacific Standard Time about how I make my living teaching and selling my work. You can listen live, or catch the post later. 

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