Alan Durning on Art & Sustainability

"I will be sad to see the pieces go at the end of the month. They’ve prompted me to think about art and creativity, and their role in sustainability. At first, they might seem tangential, but I see the arts as perhaps the ultimate destination of the movement toward sustainability. The arts, in general, involve a tremendous amount of value and an inconsequential quantity of resources. “Consuming” art — whether paintings, or photography, sculpture, music, dance, theater, film, poetry, literature — is a way in which we can add tremendous value to daily life, while consuming very few natural resources. “More fun, less stuff” is one definition of sustainability I made up in about 1990 (since turned into bumper stickers by my friends at the Center for a New American Dream). The arts embody that principle."


Alan Durning comments on my solo show in 2009 at the Sightline Institute, "Urban Perspective: Julia Hensley's City Views", curated by Becky Brooks.

Read Alan Durning's comment on Sightline Institute's art blog, set up to encourage conversation about art and sustainability and explore their connection.

Alan Durning's Sightline Institute website