Security Project plays Seattle

Despite steeping myself in The Security Project's powerful and detailed renditions of early Peter Gabriel music during the creation of the graphic identity for their new CD, nothing prepared me for the experience of hearing them live.

Security Project | Cone of Vision icon

Security Project | Cone of Vision icon

The presence of this band is something else. I'm not sure where it lies, exactly - the passion of the singer, the big, full drum sound, the intricate keyboard sounds or the layered, mellifluous guitars - surely a combination, and some other mysterious ingredient - but I've rarely been so moved at a rock show. Judging by the swell of noise and enthusiasm, the Seattle crowd at the Columbia City Theater was just as enraptured as me.

The extra fun for me was seeing my graphics on the big screen, manipulated, exploded and drifted back together again as part of the background visuals during the show. This was a collaboration with an animation artist, and I think we both enjoyed each other's work. 

Here's the main icon I created, an interpretation of Peter Gabrielesque philosophy we call the Cone of Vision.

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