Happy New Year! Welcome to my new site

One year and many emails back and forth with the amazing folks at Squarespace later, I'm delighted to unveil my new website.

As is the nature of websites, it will continue to evolve.

Aside from a more streamlined look, updates include separate pages (at last!) for each category of work from paintings to installations to curating, a brand new Audio page with tracks embedded, and, yes, a new Collect button that makes it easy to buy a piece you love.

All of that said, I have to admit the feature I'm most excited about is my RDIOGLXY page. This is the landing point for my newest, current project.

Here I'll be posting all manner of oddities including starwavs, documents from the blue planet, icons from the outer regions and other interplanetary communications.

So thanks for visiting and tune in again soon...strange events appear on the airwaves at this frequency.

blueplanet | Blue Loop

blueplanet | Blue Loop