Op-art: Tripping on the system's limitations

Optical art by Gianni SarconeIt's hard to believe these are static images, but apparently my easily-bamboozled brain can't keep up with my eyes, which can't focus properly. Win-win.

I enjoy musing on how this curiously animated effect is caused by our physical system's difficulty in processing certain visual information. Somehow it reinforces the fact that our reality is only one reality. What if our brains had been completely overhauled and rewired at some point, instead of evolving like a crazy house built onto a lean-to shack?

What seems real to our senses is only a readout produced to the best ability of our amazing, yet still relatively limited, physiological capacity. To some other version of ourselves, these wavering blue bubbles might sit completely still.

Then again if that were the case, we wouldn't have the mind-bloggling fun of watching them drift up and down, knowing they are in fact static, yet incapable of experiencing them that way.

via The Smithsonian