Constellation Half-Remembered: Patina opens

Aaron Swartzman and Aiko Kinoshita in the opening sequence of the show, during which the audience is invited to move around the space and view the dancers from all angles.Though I've been swimming in Amy Denio and Beth Fleenor's clarinet and vocal duets, watching Aiko and Aaron crouched on the floor deep in discussion and picking my way between dancers stretching on the floor on my way to attach squares of paper to the wall or tweak a plastic drop, I had no idea how the whole vision of the latest version of Constellation Half-Remembered would unfold or what exactly was going to happen until last night, when I got to experience the show as a member of the audience.

PATINA is the nickname for this leg of the ongoing artistic adventure that is UMAMI Performance's ambitious project around the theme of memory. It takes place in the U District at Open Flight Studio, and I've been creating and installing my set, which I think of as a kind of three-dimensional painting, over the past several days.

Making my way past dancers on the blue-green stairs, up to the landing where my collage of photocopied memories covers a wall, into the back room where a dancer performs on a platform, and through the door into the orange glow of the main space, it's almost like I've never seen it before even though I just got done installing it an hour before.

Seeing dancers moving around in the space makes the painting come to life in a way I've only dreamed of.

The show was sold out, with a beautiful crowd filling the room and the risers. Thanks to everyone who came to see it! A few spaces are still available for tonight's show and tomorrow's matinée. If you come, make sure to check out the concession stand in the closet, and the bathroom walls.

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