Constellation Half-Remembered: Patina | July 5, 6, 7 at Open Flight Studio

 Memory is imagination in reverse.  ― Stephen Evans

Next weekend, Constellation Half-Remembered: PATINA takes the stage at the beautiful Open Flight Studio space in the U District, with live music, an expanded cast of dancers, and my latest installation.

This is the latest phase in an ongoing artistic adventure with UMAMI Performance. It's pretty exciting working in an environment where my visual art is one element in a conceptual whole. No-one knows what it will all "do" until the performance brings everything together with you, the audience.

You're warmly invited to experience the unpredictable theatrical results.


Constellation Half-Remembered

Join UMAMI Performance in sharing memories real and imagined, and planting seeds that some day may bear fruit of their own.

Friday, July 5 and Saturday, July 6

Sun July 7

Open Flight Studio
4205 University Way NE
Seattle WA 98145


Visual art: Julia Hensley
Lighting & Technical Direction: Amiya Brown
Live Music by: Amy Denio & Beth Fleenor
Video: Kathryn Padberg
Katie Arrants, Aiko Kinoshita, Elia Mrak, Laura Prudhomme, Shannon Steward, Jeremy Cline, Johanna Hulick, and Aaron Swartzman  

Concept and Direction:
UMAMI Performance | Aiko Kinoshita & Aaron Swartzman

Constellation Half-Remembered is a performance series developed around the theme of memory. 

Memories are malleable, impermanent, and central to the narrative of who we are. Each performance event in the series is purposefully crafted to be similar and different than those that have come before it. Sections will be re-made, re-ordered, deleted, or paired with different music.

Think of it like reading multiple drafts of a novel years apart, the bones are the same, but the flesh moves. Like a memory recalled multiple times and embroidered or edited each time to fit the needs of the present, each performance will be increasingly rich and memory stained for those who witness more than one event of the series.