BIO | On matter, Popchips™ bags and the universe | Show statement

Everything is made of the same stuff, vibrating at different frequencies. You, me, Popchips™ bag, wine bottle, satellites and meteorites, it’s all molecules and electricity. What differentiates me from this table, or the air, or that computer? Matter is mutable. Everything is part of everything else.

In BIO, I use five months’ worth of hoarded detritus to create a sculptural collage in direct response to the iconic green walls and architecture of Joe Bar.

It’s a combination portrait of a place, self-portrait, and observation on the manmade ecosystem of consumption we all participate in.

The installation will build over the course of the show, so please check back often. You can also check my website blog for frequent picture updates. Thanks for visiting.

Julia Hensley
March, 2013