Star Songs

I'm super-excited to be presenting my first ever cd of recorded music at the opening of Star Systems this Saturday, November 9.

Star Songs is a suite of six all-instrumental songs (unless you count the fleeting Ennio Morricone vocals buried in Horsehead Nebula).

I recorded them over the past eight months or so, stretching GarageBand to the limits of its Apple-y seams.

Anyone picking up one of the limited edition, handmade cd's at my opening will notice credit to legendary Seattle drummer, Greg Gilmore, of Mother Love Bone and Ten Minute Warning fame, for "Mastering and Production Consultation" professionally scrawled in Sharpie on the cover.

In the recording studio, Greg's extraordinary musicianship combines with technical knowledge for world-class results. Thanks to his generosity, I can safely say I learned one or two things in my first recording project.

I'm going to be releasing a new Star Song on SoundCloud every five days or so during the run of the show, starting from the end of the album and building to the top.

Here is Kepler 62, inspired by the five planets orbiting this newly-discovered star.

And while you're over there, have a listen to some of Greg Gilmore's stuff. He's good.