The earth is flat!

Flammarion's 1888 L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire (p. 163)And when you fall off the edge, there's no Twitter! Or Facebook. Which is all to say I've been gone a while, adjusting to new digs, new studio, new job, and working like a fiend in the studio.

So to fill you in, my work is all about space right now. I'm building what I call Star Systems, which are collage paintings inspired by a combination of NASA images and technology. I'm also recording an accompanying suite of songs similarly inspired, called Star Songs. I'm completely immersed in this work, visual and audio, and nothing means more to me right now. I haven't wanted to talk about it, just be in it.

My solo show opens November 9 at L x W x H in Seattle. Sharon Arnold's Georgetown gallery space is beautiful and I'm thrilled to be showing there. I'll be showing the Star Systems, and I'll have cd's of the Star Songs for sale, a very limited edition, with original art wrappers. I hope you'll come see if you're in town.

The earth of course isn't flat, it's round and spinning, like the new planets we keep discovering as we travel deeper into space. All of which blows my mind. Isn't it amazing?