10 cent review | Hiroshi Sugimoto at Lawrimore Project

HIROSHI SUGIMOTO Devonian Period, 1992 Gelatin Silver Print 20 x 24 inches Edition 13/25This was one of my favorite things on last night's artwalk, it's at the new Lawrimore Project. With that soaring ceiling and small footprint it's an unusual space but the show feels expansive like a landscape and intimate like a peepshow - spreads of color and pockets of detail.

This was my first encounter with Sugimoto's work and my eye was baffled at first by the peculiar level of detail and painterly moments. Is it photoshopped I thought but no it's a diaroma photographed in mysterious black and white.

I love black and white. And illustrations of prehistoric times and the unlikely conjunction of creatures they involve like the moment depicted in this surreally scientific ocean world. It's hung down low, you have to crouch to see it which adds to the fun and the puzzling out.
Can't Get There From Here at Lawrimore Project

Hiroshi Sugimoto Devonian dioramas