10 cent review

I'm inaugurating 10 cent review, a bite-sized response to art I see here in Seattle.

There is so much going on!

It's an interesting moment right now with gallery closures and the poor economy etc etc actually I get bored hearing about these things because art in this town is like whack-a-mole, you smack it down in one place and it pops up somewhere else unexpected. There are as many ways to show one's work or that of other artists as one has the enterprise to create and a pretty wonderful degree of creativity permeating the scene.

There's good work happening not just in visual art but in dance theater music writing and all the ways those can intersect, it's exciting. Frankly I see little to bemoan and much to celebrate.

Instead of full-length reviews what I write are short, personal responses to one thing I see. The format is influenced by the nature of the artwalk in which one has two hours to view a bunch of openings in different galleries and to which I invariably arrive late anyway leaving just enough time to blast through and get a flavor, a few hits here and there.

I always feel that if I can see one thing on those nights that grabs me I'm doing well. If I see two or more, bonus points. Sometimes I enjoy a collection of small moments, aspects of things or the way they're presented. The reason I like something is of course completely personal and usually specific to my work or ideas I have going on in the studio because that's what artists do.

Okay I'll speak for myself, when I "like" things I usually mean that directly or indirectly they excite me in relation to what I'm working on. Hmmm that voice is always murmuring, how can I use this idea or elements of it?

So you won't necessarily get the full context of a show, I'm not promising thoroughness or objectivity, there are others writing real reviews and doing it well too. Okay yes I am totally copping out on doing all that work. Instead this is an informal bite-sized glimpse of something I saw and liked and decided to share. Hey it's only 10 cents.