Curiosity and the ceiling

But wait, there's more...

I have to find out...and so I'm going to continue to add the last element to my sprawling, site-specific installation at the University Heights Center.

Last May I walked out of Room 109 into the hallway one day after teaching an intense class, tired and ready to go home. Hanging from the high ceiling I saw paper flowers, pink and green, the kind that fold out, the building's celebration of spring. The effect on me was a sort of slow electric shock. The flowers activated the space below the ceiling in a way that fired my sculptural sense but it was more...something about the sweet pedestrian nature of those decorations that made me suddenly recognize the building.

It's a difficult moment to describe, the one where you all at once see and experience something in a way that transforms it from ordinary into art. But that is what happened in that moment, and that was the beginning of this project. It arced back and connected to the first show I'd mounted several years ago of my collage painting, This Storied Heart, at Form Space Light Gallery in Fremont, with pieces of collage scattering onto the wall.

Yet in realizing the idea somehow the ceiling pendants I had envisioned got pushed to the end in favor of the wall treatment. That is, till the very last day when in a fury of energy I hung some of them on the upper floor of the installation site.

It was magic. They seemed to my eye to connect everything. It brought the project home.

And so for no reason other than to satisfy my own curiosity, I am going today to hang ceiling pendants on the lower floor of the U Heights. It will be busy. There will be a lot of people. It's a very tall ladder, and many trips up and down. Hopefully my videographer will show up to catch some snippets of the process.

I'll post more pictures soon. Meanwhile, if you're in Seattle and in the neighborhood, stop by.

The work will stay up through April 20, when it will slowly start to disappear.

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