PRECURSOR | Constellation Half-Remembered

Tomorrow I'll be arriving at a beautiful private home on Seattle's Capitol Hill with armloads of things that are red, from pompoms and feathers to handbags, bras, books and candlesticks, and doing what I love to do: Responding in the moment to a place, its stairwells, fireplace, doorknobs and light fixtures, chairs and pictures, with art.

I'll be installing red things and red thread - a thread of memory, like the thread into the minotaur's cave - and collaging onto the walls. Including all of the unknown technical challenges that will undoubtedly arise, it's going to be an exciting day in the studio, like making a three-dimensional painting.

Installing, and collaging, are highly personal acts. What I love about this project is that my part of it only sets the stage.

Then Amiya Brown comes in and works lighting magic. UMAMI Performance partners Aiko Kinoshita and Aaron Swartzman along with dancers and musicians Corri Befort, Amy Denio, Beth Fleenor, Karen Nelson, Ryan Corriston, Amiya Brown, Kathryn Padberg arrive and fill the house with unique and intimate experiences, both in person and live via Skype, for guests to discover and wander around in.

The event is called PRECURSOR, and it's a fundraiser for a series of seven performances that will take place in 2013 at various locations around Seattle.

The project is called Constellations Half-Remembered, and you can watch Aiko and Aaron's pitch for it here, on USA Projects.

Meanwhile, here is the video for tomorrow's event, PRECURSOR, on Vimeo.