AB4 | New collage painting for Todd Jannausch's Small Voids

AB4 | Collage painting, acrylic and gouache on Bristol board, 12 x 12", 2012Here's a studio glimpse of a new collage painting for fellow Sprout Seattle presenter and grant winner, Todd Jannausch's Small Voids coming up this Thursday. The show is up for one night only before moving to other cities.

Small Voids, a collection of 100, LED-lit plexiglass boxes filled with the work of 100 local artists, is an exciting contribution to an evolving picture of how the future of art representation and outreach might look.

As artists continue to move away from conventional galleries toward self-representation, online venues, pop-up spaces, artist co-operatives, shows in private homes, storefronts, digital exhibits, ideas that border on street art and as-yet unnamed methods percolating this minute in resourceful minds, it's inspiring to see how Todd challenges the status quo with yet another of his ingenious inventions to put art in the way of an audience and the audience in the way of art.

His previous projects such as Gallery 40, a 40 square-foot mobile show space, and Gallery (206), a converted phone booth and phone book full of work by Seattle artists have already expanded the conventions of how and where art is shown and who gets to see it while questioning the very concept of a "gallery".

If the progress shots on Todd's Facebook page are anything to go by, this display will be as elegant in execution as it is innovative in concept. I can't wait to see it in person.

See you there!

Small Voids (Link to preview in City Arts Magazine)
Thursday, October 4 from 5-9
Outside the Toshiro Kaplan Building in Pioneer Square
115 Prefontaine Place South Seattle, WA 98104