Grand Coulee Dam 4 | Sold

Installation view of Grand Coulee Dam 4, 1999. Three studies, Acrylic on mat board, Two outer panels, 10.5 x 13.5", Center panel 12 x 14.75"I painted these studies consecutively along with several others, part of a group of works based on a visit to the Grand Coulee Dam in the late '90's.

At the time you were still allowed to walk along the dam wall. It was hot. We stood gazing at the zooming drop to the deep blue water below, hemmed in concrete and crisscrossed with power lines.

When I brought my gaze back up and looked along the wall, the giant number 4 on one of the buildings caught my eye, behind it, the yellow crane, these expansive industrial elements couched in a landscape of yellow grass, rocks, hills and sky.