Route 21 | Sold

Installation view with Route 21, Acrylic on panel with custom metal frame, approx. 18 x 20", 1998"Route 21" is the picture on the easel at lower left with the double yellow lines curling into the distance. The sale was so sudden I forgot to get a closer digital image of it. I know I have a slide somewhere...I held on to this one too, for many years as the last in a series from my first solo show at Foster White Gallery, but also perhaps because its escapist imagery worked even on me. 

As I stood in the middle of the fresh black asphalt, aimed and snapped my single lens reflex Pentax loaded with Kodak 200 ASA/36 exposures, I felt the sun on my neck and shoulders and thrilled to the crunchy, dry grass at the side of the road, so much like where I grew up, and the outrageous sliver of blue of the lake.

Moments later we were crossing that lake on a ferry that was no more than a raft big enough to hold four cars.