Skirts & Bikes


Ready to ride in thigh high socks by Ozone, skirt by Urban Outfitters, t-shirt by American Apparel, shoes by Nina LeporeFor years I've ridden a road bike, something that came along with a marriage into a family where cycling was a business, passion and profession. When I needed a way to re-personalize riding, I found that modifying the classic sporting gear of lycra jerseys and shorts gave me the angle I needed.

A solo trip to Paris and Florence, where both men and women famously wear stylish street clothes to ride, had a big effect on me. Seattle is a lot hillier than those towns for one thing, so one has to adjust, but I have a great time experimenting (sometimes semi-disastrously, as in the time I wore a skirt that kept creeping up to my waist over my bike shorts, rather defeating the purpose of wearing it).

I don't ride so many 60-80 mile rides anymore; I'm happy bombing 20 miles out to Seward Park and back and around Mercer Island or Discovery Park. It's amazing how much of a challenge you can throw yourself in a town full of hills and stay within a few miles of home. But part of the fun for me has become figuring out how to make riding creative fashion-wise, be comfortable enough for a few hill sprints, and give me the secret energy I get from doing it my own way, thank you (wait, what other way is there again?).

Bike Wearing What you Like!

Carrie Clogston's fashion and design blog Gingham and Gold features pictures of me in an article this week on women who ride bikes in skirts. And sometimes heels.

The post was inspired in part by an article on a woman who was harrassed by a cop for wearing a skirt while riding, proving once more that women are responsible in how they dress for the actions and reactions of other people:

Riding a Bike While Wearing a Skirt May Be a Crime in NYC