Blues for the blues

I can only find three videos of Eric Freeman playing, none of them great recordings. I chose this one partly because the I liked the weird color contrasts and the mysteriousness of his invisible face. But I just saw him for real. Walked into my local corner store and there he was, playing guitar and singing with a nimble style and a warm voice. The handwritten sign in his open case read that he was

Playing blues 20's-40's
Taking tips and requests
Trying to make a living

I listened a long time and watched. He was playing a worn-in Gibson accoustic. What a treat, on a Saturday run for chips, quarters and baking soda. After a while, he told me he just moved here from Virginia. He asked if I played and when I said a little, he told me to bring my guitar down and he'd show me some blues.

The first time I heard that sound was sitting on the porch of the cabin at Exit Glacier outside Seward, AK. A friend had made me a tape. It was the complete Robert Johnson, and I thought the top of my head would lift clean off. This guy just reminded me how much I love that Delta style.

I love the friendliness of folk musicians. All you need is an instrument and a handful of skills, no further introduction needed. I didn't, of course, go get my guitar, but I kinda wish I had. There are few things I'd like to learn more in this world than to pick like that.