All art is abstract

Gouache and Acrylic Collage on Watercolor Paper; Diptych 32" x 15"; 2009This picture for me is the logical conclusion of an idea. The hard edges of the squares in my Collage Paintings dissolve and give way to the washes and paint effects they played off in the earlier versions, which in turn evolved from the invented perspective of my Squarescapes of the past several years, where the city is a flat field of verticals and horizontals. 

The Collage Paintings could always branch into further permutations. But other thoughts are flooding in.

Perhaps that's why I'm talking to myself, looking once more at my original artist's statement, arrived at over many solitary hours in the studio, to see if it holds up in the tide: All art is abstract.

I'm a formalist in my bones.

Yet in these late pieces, the most non-objective work I've done, I've exploited the ability of the abstract to impart emotion.

I guess one way to put it is that I'm in love with structure. No matter how cool and non-objective we make it, structure possesses the ability to convey a feeling. And feeling, in the hands and mind of an artist, is an idea.