I never throw away a scrap of paper. - Picasso

Rooster, 2004; cardboard, bbq skewers, baling twine, acrylic picture frame, button, newspaper and paint. Photo: Michael MatisseFor many years I carried this quote around in my head. It galvanized me through two years of living in a frighteningly large loft space and challenged me daily to make as many of my ideas visible as possible, as he had, relentlessly, his whole life.

One day, years later when I was living in a house and my studio was a bedroom, I was walking out to the recycling with a cereal box when it flashed across the screen of my brain: I NEVER THROW AWAY A SCRAP OF PAPER. I swore loudly. Then I carried the box back into the studio, twisted it in half, and began manipulating it till it turned into this rooster.

I was additionally inspired at the time by Manuel Neri's found-stuff sculptures. My bird is made of cardboard, bbq skewers, an acrylic picture frame as the base, baling twine, a button, newspaper and paint. There is no glue involved - everything is held in tension by the skewers.

I subsequently made a bulldog out of a UPS box and a camel out of an eggbox, chopsticks, wire and plaster of Paris. They never fit with anything else I've done, but my concern lately is less about presenting a consumption-friendly unified body of work and more about realizing ideas and sharing the results. I give you Rooster, circa 2004.