Happy 183rd birthday, Jules Verne

 Google's interactive Jules Verne graphic honoring his 183rd birthdayI woke to an email from a friend, "I thought of you when I opened Google today." And lo, a beautiful animated graphic greets my eyes, composed of the Google logo made into submarine portholes through which you can see an animated sea.

A toggle to the right lets you dive deeper, down to the bottom of the sea where corals grow and two men in diving suits explore the world beneath the surface. It's a charming graphic and tribute to the man who mingled science and fantasy to such effect, inspiring generations of readers, scientists, and artists.

I should know. Reading his 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea recently was a sort of waking dream for me. Its theme and cadence have seeped deep into my consciousness, somehow matching my own mood and thoughts, entwining bits of its imaginative DNA with my own.

I have been working on my Ocean theme very privately, protecting it's development. Slowly the imagery, emotions, readings, thoughts and formal explorations begin to gel into a new visual mode, a vein of work which I am exploring in both my analog and digital studios. I'm looking forward to posting some of the digital drawings, when it feels like time. It may be sooner than I think.

I salute you, Monsieur Verne, on your birthday! Now it's back to the lab. But before I go I think I'll take one more dive...