Three-Part Odyssey: a collaboration with Rich Pellegrin

One icy January day at a residency in Port Townsend, Washington, two musicians who were staying in a nearby cottage stopped by to visit me and my work in my palatial 19th-century studio, formerly the band practice room at Fort Worden.

When they saw my cityscapes translated into a language of squares, they became very excited and offered to "play my paintings" for me. Their project, it turns out, involved translating visual cues into music. All I had to do was bring a painting over to their cottage where the piano and trumpet were.

Excited as I was by this idea, I was even more excited by the work I was doing. One day I took a break from my work to find that they had left. I never did hear one of my paintings played.

So I was especially delighted when Rich Pellegrin approached me to provide cover art for his new cd, Three-Part Odyssey. Of all of my work, he chose one of the later paintings in that same series, a detail of one of my oil Squarescapes, SF Black and White.

What thrilled me is that Rich not only responded to the imagery - a man walking in an urban environment (a modern-day Odysseus?) - but that he saw an association between his music and my painting, what he describes as passages that are specifically "pixilated".

The album was just released on Seattle's Origin Records. You can listen to two of the cuts on their website, or look it up on iTunes for 1:30 minute exerpts.


Rich Pellegrin on Origin Records

SF Black and White