Earlier today I stepped from the November sun under the open structure that houses the machines originally used to turn coal into gas at Seattle's Gasworks Park.

The jungle of gears, pipes, flywheels, tanks and valves sat bolted to their concrete platforms in fresh coats of paint, I was happy to see, highlighting their sculptural bulk and Metropolis-like details.

As I strolled around the familiar, inscrutable masses breathlessly shooting picture after picture with my iPhone I felt a swell of affection for this place and these now static machines, branded in embossed steel with the Ingersoll Rand of a time gone by.

It's hard to explain or describe...but there is something about the heavy industrial equipment of old technology that thrills me. Perhaps it's my engineer father's blood in my veins, the years of hearing him describe the workings of compressors and valves, bridges and wings, intersecting with the fondness I feel for the 1920's and 30's and the Futurists, those Italians so in love with the brand-new technology of trains and aeroplanes, steamships and automobiles and the impossibly cool speed of them all.

Gazing at the bend of a giant pipe quaintly buttoned along its length with rivets I felt joy almost like what I feel walking in the woods. It's not rational or intellectual, it just is.

The pictures I shot are references for a long-incubating, ongoing project with the working title Ocean.