Street installation. SDOT/Anonymous Public Art collaboration. Telephone pole, paper, staples. Eastlake, 2011Sometimes it seems like I have more ideas when I'm insanely busy.

I try to note down all the ones that grab me by the throat, and the wee ones, too. One never knows which of them will take.

Then of course there are the ones that are so silly they are nothing but self-amusement. But to me they're all part of the stream. Many of them end up literally in my Twitter stream or as Facebook posts. I tend to use social media not just to connect but as notebooks. If something strikes me as funny or fascinating I turn it over a few times and if it holds up I'll say it out loud, as it were, to satisfy myself.

I must sound like a complete nut sometimes, but to me that nuttiness is intrinsic to seeing things as an artist. And sometimes, nuttiness is only a hair away from a seriously good idea. This is why it matters to me to let the thoughts out as they occur - with some selectiveness, naturally; that's part of the process, for reasons of taste and good sense. Ahem.

But if they ring true or funny to me, I try not to block them for external reasons because those reasons aren't real or useful to me anymore. It's doubtful they ever were.

It's a delicate balance between judicious editing and self-censorship, the kind that blocks the flow. I try to not get in my own way. I'm done with that.