Sea Animal No. 1

Drawing with pencil on paper has for some years been something I do almost exclusively in teaching. With a few exceptions, drawing in my own work has been absorbed into my painting. 

So I went to the Seattle Aquarium yesterday with anticipation, self-amusement, and a question mark in mind. I was planning, for the first time in a long time, to work graphically from life on something that relates to what I am doing in the studio. 

Equipped with both conventional and digital sketchpad, the gap between object and interpretation open wide, I wasn't sure how I was going to approach either my subject or the act of drawing.

By beginning, it turns out. After warming up with an anemone and the flow of water in a tidal pool, I found this creature and got so absorbed in it on my iPhone I forgot to find out its name. I will next time I visit, which will be soon.

Meanwhile, I've decided to share some of these studies as I go. This is Sea Animal No. 1