Luly Yang's Ocean

Walking past the window of a clothing store downtown Seattle on my way to the 5th Avenue Theater the other night, I did a double-take, backtracked, and stared. 

These exquisitely built dresses reminded me of something from the sea - anemones or sponges, like the creatures and plants I've been studying for my Ocean project. 

Thrilled, I took pictures, then hurried off to the show - my first ever Cat Power performance. 

Only later, visiting the window again after the concert, did I put two and two together - of course, these were pieces from Luly Yang's recent couture runway show at the Seattle Aquarium, a benefit for Children's Hospital.

I had come across the event on Twitter - and there, in plain sight in the window, was a little sign that said Ocean. I had been so engrossed in the fabrics and shapes, I hadn't even seen it. I guess I didn't need to. The dresses speak for themselves.