Story of an installation

This Storied Heart, Gouache and Acrylic Collage on Watercolor Paper; 45" x 52"; 2008

I had installed This Storied Heart at the far end of the long, wood floored gallery, spraying out over the entire north wall with pieces of collage scattering off its edges in every direction, ceiling to floor.

On opening night of my show at Form-Space-Light Gallery in Fremont, I watched people.

They'd walk in the door, gravitate toward the end wall, hover in front of the piece a while, and then sometimes, someone would slowly walk to one side and squint down the length of the painting, as if to decipher its construction. 

I liked when someone told me it looked photographic, or that they saw a moonscape, or blood, or internal organs, or cells, or all of these.

Three teens wandered in. They strolled toward the collage, seeming to hover between indifference and curiosity.

One of them stared quietly, then said to her friends in a low voice as they turned to leave, "It looks like a heart".


Original collage painting available. Limited edition giclée available. Contact me for details.