X-Ray Specs

Of all the novelty products available on the back of my Richie Rich and Caspar the Friendly Ghost comic books, the one I lusted after most was the X-Ray Specs.

See through peoples' clothes! See their skeletons!!

The ads mesmerized me.

A South African kid in the suburbs of Johannesburg, I could not have known then, reading comics and waiting for my ballet class to begin, that I'd end up studying naked people and skeletons for hours at an art school in Boston every day for four years.

And I definitely would not have imagined that I'd end up with a painting studio in the very building in Seattle where Ace Novelty dreamt up and assembled its fine products.

I still want a pair. I think the idea burned itself into my imagination's hard-drive. 


My studio in the ACE building at 619 Western