Balance & Surprise

I crave balance in a painting, but without surprise I quickly move on.

Surprise is exciting, but to hold up, it needs balance. 

I know many ways to create balance. It's less easy to create surprise. The best I can do is create a space and invite it to show up.

Or set some bait and trap it.

For example: I could deliberately set a small pot of paint on the edge of the table, over some watercolor paper on the floor, where I am bound to "accidentally" spill it at some point. I have never actually tried this, but it's a good idea.

Or I can trick myself into losing some of the balance.

Every once in a while, a single glass of wine works. It's not to be relied on as a device but it can serve as a reminder of the joyful recklessness necessary to make something NOW, live and unworried, without the hangups of carefulness. 

The real trick is to be able to summon that One Glass of Wine mode when sober.