Six artists and a dinner | JelLo-Fi and Sprout 7

JelLo-Fi | Gelatinus Vulgaris Lofilia (to give both the common and Latin names) is the installation I've designed for Lo-Fi the beloved local art and performance festival that takes place at Smoke Farm in Arlington, WA every year, and which was recently accepted.

As you might deduce from the title my idea involves the logistically challenging material of Jello.

Luckily I have also been invited to present JelLo-Fi | Gelatinus Vulgaris Lofilia at SPROUT 7 on Saturday, July 15 at All Pilgrims Church on Capitol Hill, along with five other artists, each of us hoping to win financial assistance for our projects.

In case you haven't encountered it, Sprout is a local and national grassroots movement that funds emerging artists by serving a locally sourced dinner.

Artists present their projects, diners vote on their favorite and the winner walks away with the proceeds. He or she then returns to present the outcome at the next Sprout. It's brilliantly simple.

I am so excited about my idea and its layers of meaning and tackling the technicalities of it I am doing the wiggle. I look forward to telling you all about the full concept at the dinner. It will be epic.

So please come, eat, look, listen and VOTE! And thank you.

Saturday, July 14 at 6pm

All Pilgrims Church
500 Broadway East
Seattle WA 98102 

Tickets $25 on sale now at

Brown Paper Tickets

Please note tickets sell out FAST

No day-of-event tickets available