My project is over but the issue remains...

Click on the picture to read this CNN report on food wasted in the US"40% of U.S. food wasted, report says" reads the headline of this CNN article, citing a study by the Natural Resources Defense Council (hyperlinked in the article).

"One key recommendation of the report is standardization of date labels on food. Americans may be throwing out a substantial amount of edible food simply because they misinterpret a "sell by" date as a "use by" date, the report says."

I'm ashamed to say I think I've fallen for that one...Perhaps an awareness campaign is in order? It seems there are a few simple things that could be done to help reduce such waste. But first the problem needs to be officially acknowledged and recognized. Our future food source rests on how we manage our resources now. Spending them to create food is one thing, throwing almost half that food away is another.