AAAAAAGGGHHHrrrrw YES that is a gurgle of anguish from the lab aka the studio okay I mean the kitchen.

Pardon the caps and the drama. It's where I'm at right now.

It's like this, after weeks of testing, price comparing, research and days of even more testing and recording my results in a rough approximation of scientific method I was about to pull the trigger on a bunch of bulk ingredients from a frustrating but well-meaning site (Family business since 1976 / Free gummi fish with purchase over $75) when an extra test I made just for the heck of it turned out a surprising and interesting result.

Okay I'm excited! I just wish I had stumbled on this sooner.

My deadline is next week. Shipping takes a few days.

I would stick with Plan A, the known quantity if it weren't for the fact that my test combined with further reading and a conversation with an actual person on the phone at a company based THANK YOU LORD in Maryland with a HOTLINE amen didn't lead me to strongly suspect I will get better results with this new ingredient or rather combination of ingredients.

The nerve-wracking part is I haven't tested the recipe yet. I am going on experience so far, trial and error, educated guesswork, and a spot of science.

Honest to god I had no idea when I got into this project that I would be learning so much science. It takes all of my brain to absorb the information (hygroscopy the ability of a substance to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment) but it's fascinating.

Every product I research has a different plant or animal source and every substance has different chemical and physical properties. These are known, named, quantified, tested, doumented, analyzed and classified substances. The thing is that no-one is using them in quite the way I plan to, namely demolding gelatin onto the ground in August.

Pudding on the plateau. Jello in the jungle. Dessert in the dirt.

Sorry I really am a little punchy. Anyway the point is when it comes to this application of these materials, I'm on my own.

This is also where it gets tricky. Since everything is sold in different quantities, some in grams and some in ounces, my math pea-brain is at capacity with ratios and conversions (thank you online calculator) while my science pea-brain is busy with the physics and chemistry (thank you Wikipedia).

My more developed art brain gets to decide what colors of Jello to buy.

Meanwhile my deadline approaches, cue JAWS, happy Shark Week. So if I sound a little crazier than usual now you know why.

Reality check: All this research and preparation is for a project which IF all goes well will last a day before disappearing into the ground. That is unless Plan B works in which case the Jello will take a few days to disappear.

By all accounts the slugs loved my last onsite tests out at the farm.

Which brings me to this, that ultimately when you strip away the art talk about entropic sculpture and the conceptual point about water and beef-farming, in fact if you strip away the human audience, the physical biological fact is I am making a sugar buffet for banana slugs.

If someone makes art in the woods and the slugs eat it...oh god. Okay.

What's the worst that could happen? The whole thing could massively fail ie. no Jello no gelling no installation, mud on my face...

Did you know that an 8oz cup of sugar by volume is 196 grams?

Also, Peptides (from the Greek πεπτός, "digested" from πέσσειν "to digest") are short polymers of amino acid monomers linked by peptide bonds.