The girl in the pink coat

Excuse me says the small girl in the pink coat, yes I say leaning down to look at her from where I stand surveying my ceiling pendants, what are those she asks. I pause. I kneel to her eye level, brown eyes in a serious face.

What do they look like to you I say, she pauses too, well to me they look kind of like paper lanterns she says. Well I say you know what I think if they look like paper lanterns to you then that's what they are. She looks at me. But you want to know what I think they are don't you I say, she nods. I decide. Well to me they are abstract I say.

What is abstract she says, well I say it's when it's not a pig or a goat or a chair or something you can touch those things are concrete, abstract is something you can't touch. She looks at me.

You see I say to me they are really bits of color that connect the ceiling to the walls, do you see what I've done to the walls I ask pointing out the rest of the installation. She looks. She nods. She looks at the ceiling.

When I look at them she says they kind of look like triangles I mean rectangles.

That's cool I say, I love that you see paper lanterns and you also see rectangles, that's abstract. It's art, you know? We look at one another, I like to make art she says. The sun comes suddenly through the windows blinding both of us, too bright she says.