Thank you | Heighten

Tonight was about quality of encounters. An unexpectedly gorgeous afternoon, sun streaming in the west windows of the University Heights Center, food and drinks set up and a steady trickle of attentive, curious visitors.

The sun put a fire into me. Hours before the opening I was determined to get to the last part of the installation, the ceiling pendants, the thing that had kicked off the entire concept in my head.

Upstairs with three White Stripes albums on shuffle blasting in my ears I poked holes one by one in chunks of the cardboard painted for the purpose tied string through the holes bent paper clips and ran up the 16-foot ladder, sticking them into the holes in the ceiling panels to make a 3-D version of the wall collages. It was last minute it was a calculated gamble and it was delirious ridiculous fun. Suddenly everything made sense.

Sweaty and dishevelled I dashed home cleaned up and hopped the bus back.

THANKS to all who came to see how this installation has grown and morphed and thanks especially for your thoughtful comments, they are gifts to a crazed exhausted artist.

Late at night up a ladder or tearing yet more paper into tiny bits I have often asked myself what in the hell I am doing this for. I always know the answer, BECAUSE. Because I'm curious to see if it will work. Because I feel compelled. By my alien overlords. Because it's there like the goddamn mountain that's why.

But watching someone look at what I've done and hearing them respond feels like all of these months of work have been worthwhile beyond the gratification of realizing an idea.

There's no two ways about it art is about leaping the gap in some way from one human to another. Makes it sound like fleas. But seriously when someone comes out to see your show it means a great deal.

It also amazes me to hear my web coverage of the process has been interesting to someone to follow. You mean I'm not just tweeting/posting/blogging into the void or annoying the crap out of everyone (yet another self-obsessed self-promoting artist, yippee I imagine the unseen audience thinking as he cracks another beer) oh! how nice to know.

So THANKS all for your support in person and online and to all those who've stopped by during the process or plan to visit. I'll be posting more pictures and anecdotes here. And if you're in Seattle stop by and visit the show at 50th and University Way, open 10-10 weekdays, 10-3 Fri and Sat through April 20.

Why should you, oh no reason. Something about fleas. Okay because.