It's art and it's abstract

...declares the developmentally challenged boy emphatically to his teacher on their way down the stairs then less certainly, Why is she doing it?

I hear his voice before I see him. I'm surprised.

They come over to me and with a little prompting he says hello, placing a cool small hand on mine and looking into my eyes as he tells me his name. He asks me directly why I'm doing this.

I don't think it's a question an adult would ask. They'll ask what it's for but not why. The candor I guess seems rude. A child doesn't consider rudeness, he just wants to know.

The candor is a relief. I don't think too hard just tell him sometimes you have an idea and you just have to go for it. Then I say I'm highlighting the building so people will notice it in a new way.

He looks at me with big eyes behind black framed glasses, his lime green t-shirt picking up on the soda machine behind.