Expanding minds

Is it snow? asks the Metro driver glancing quizzically at the walls on his break, snow I say sure if you see snow it's snow. But what is it really he wants to know. I glance up scissors in hand, you mean to me I say, yes he says.

Well to me all these things are breaking out of their boundaries and kind of bursting onto the wall and the wall is drifting down into the wainscoting and vice versa I say. I get it he says. Are they paying you a lot of money he asks, is this a million dollar project, yes I say a million dollars, no I say, it's good.

Right, he says watching me climb up, I'm gonna say I knew you. When you're on TV he says I'm gonna say I saw her going up a painted ladder!

He disappears into the bathroom and comes back over on his way out, you know the way I see it he says (he steps back and spreads his arms, fingers splayed, surveying the collaged wall above the vending machine), this is expanding the minds of the kids.

He looks for my reaction, hands outstretched. This is an educational facility right he says, right I say. He drops his hands and steps in closer, so when you get that million I'm just saying ten percent. Ten percent I say, mmhm cause you can SELL that idea he says one hand sweeping across the wall still looking at me. You're expaaaaaanding their minds. I'll think about that I say. Think about it he says, walking toward the stairs.