Heighten: You're invited

Art is Everywhere. Art is a point of view. Art is for Everyone.

These are the thoughts underlying HEIGHTEN, an installation by Julia Hensley at the historic University Heights Center that treats the interior of this beloved, 110 year old former school building as a canvas for a vast, site-specific collage painting.

All elements of the interior from wood wainscoting and plaster walls to water fountains, signs, bulletin boards, light switches and vending machines become integral parts of the piece, "heightened" to call attention to the building in a new way.

Hensley's adult painting students were invited to collaborate in the painting and installing. The piece builds over the weeks leading up to the opening, with the process open to the public for viewing.

Come and go and experience as you choose. Visit, ask questions, add a piece of collage with the artist. Watch an unpredictable project unfold.

Come sip hot apple cider and enjoy locally made fresh baked goods from the Farmer's Market while you watch the artist at work:

During the Farmers Market
Saturday February 4th
11a - 2p

During the Farmers Market
Saturday February 11th
11a - 2p

Friday February 17th
6 - 8p
Join us for Live Music, Wine & Snacks; Donations $5/glass

Friday March 16th
6 - 8p

All proceeds go to fund UH Arts & Music Programs; UH Arts Gallery and Music at the Heights; Outdoor Concert Series

Heighten is being documented on film by Rodrigo Valenzuela

All Welcome!