Yesterday was a big day. After teaching Design Studio in the morning I emptied out an old black portfolio case and stuffed it full of sheets of recently painted collage papers, threw tape and scissors in a bag and hopped on the bus up to the University Heights Center - my newest canvas.

This was to be a test of how the process of collaging the interior will actually work. I was also creating a mockup in order to photograph it and use it for promotional materials.

The place was crazy with kids waiting to be picked up from the Academy for Precision Learning, sixty teenage girls coming in for yoga class, more teens scarfing Chinese takeout while waiting for their driving instructor at the Defensive Driving School....and the spot I had chosen was right on the stairs, high on the wall and in the middle of it all.

In the end I opted to work on the second floor, a quieter spot with a table nearby, sun pouring in the west windows. Luckily I had on a tank top under long sleeves. I stripped off a layer, my socks and shoes, rolled up my jeans, and unzipped the portfolio. A man opened his laptop at the table beneath the window nearby. A woman came over to share the outlet.

With the thrill of being in the studio only out in public, I began to cut, tear, tape, ripping into my newly painted sheets, eyeing my "canvas", the century-old wainscoting and plaster wall. After a bit I plugged in my headphones, rediscovering Son Volt I haven't listened to in years and all at once there I was, in my own world, carried along by steel guitars and Jay Farrar's voice, which somehow in my mind took on the orangey wood hues and creamy whites of the wall.